Rules & Regs

A list of the parks Rules and Regulations.


Preparing to attend the park – 

An Australian Standards approved helmet must be worn at all times while your bike is running.

Proper closed toe off road motorcycle boots must be worn at all times while riding.

Full Length Jersey that covers to the neck line, wrist line, and belt line must be worn at all times while riding.

Full Length Pants must be work covering the entire legs at all times while riding.

Riding under the influence of alcohol is not permitted at anytime and refusal of entry can be based on a breath test.

MV Licence Required or MV Day Licence needed.


Whilst at the Park –

All Riders must pay and sign in at the front desk, failure to do so will result in a 6 month ban from the park.

All Signs must be observed and obeyed at all times.

The Track Surface is constantly changing and we are constantly updating and changing the park , 1-2 sight laps is necessary for your own safety.

No jumping on flashing red light and riders must slow to a safe speed.

Riders must respect the rights of others and their right to ride at the park, reckless passing or jumping in danger will not be tolerated – actions taken under code of conduct rules.

No spectators entering the track without high visibility vest and approval from park officials (Canteen).

Entering and Exiting the tracks must only be done through designated and signed entry and exit points.

No riding in the car park and engines must be off whilst walking through the canteen.

Give way to on Track Safety buggy at all times and only pass with extreme caution at low speed when safe to do so, the buggy is there to help in the situation where a rider is in need of assistance, always respect the rights of other riders to use the park.


Code of conduct –

Abusive Language or behaviour, Reckless or dangerous riding will not be tolerated at the park, anyone found to be in breach may have their membership suspended until the next committee meeting where they will be asked to attend the meeting and decision will be made if further action is required.

Alcohol is not permitted at the park during riding hours, anyone suspected of carrying open alcoholic containers or riding under the influence of alcohol will be asked to leave the park immediately.

Drugs are strictly not permitted at anytime, anyone caught with drugs will have their membership suspended and asked to attend the next committee meeting where a decision will be made if further action is required.

Carefully read and pay attention to all rules and regulations included in induction form and conditions of entry before signing.

Please note rules may be changed and altered, please be vigilant and check this site or the canteen for regular updates.