Draft reopening guidelines.

The Club would like to thank all those who made the effort to attend today. They are also very grateful for all your opinions and input. They would also like to acknowledge the way everyone handled themselves today – in a respective and calm manner.

As those who attended are now aware – We have had to go with MV to keep the gates open as Council will not budge and repeatedly said they would close the gates unless we did go with MV for the next 11 months. After the 11 months are up, it will be up for review with the intent to have the park given back to a community based club.

At this time, there is no set opening date. The FCMP Committee need to finalise the lease, session times and have working bee’s to get the gates open.

The Club still needs help so please keep posted of dates for working bee’s.

Please see attached Document that was handed out at the club.

fcmp1 fcmp2