About us

Location: 94a Old Wells Road, Seaford, Victoria, Australia

Phone: 03 9786 4544

Frankston City Motorcycle Park was established back in 1980 to give local Frankston kids the ability to ride mini bikes in a recreational manner, since those days the park has changed dramatically to its present state. the park is run and operated entirely by volunteer members and a none for profit organisation. We are pleased to provide this service to the public and the people of Frankston and wider community and to promote safe offroad motorcycle riding!


The park has 5 tracks catering for all levels of riders,

Main Track – Senior track for intermediate to advanced riders although juniors have exclusive access to this track on weekend mornings between 9:00am – 11am. it has a variance of jumps, berms, whoops and high speed straights.

Look Track – Senior Track for Beginner to Intermediate riders to hone their skills and confidence before tackling the main track, it has a berm at either end and small chicanes through with a single table top jump and small whoops.

Intermediate Track – This is a Small bike track for 85cc 2 strokes/150cc 4 stroke bikes and thumpsters, it has a mixture of jumps, berms and whoops and aims at sharpening the skills of junior riders before they are old enough to ride a big bike on the senior tracks.

PeeWee Track – Another Junior track aimed and small bike riders on low capacity bikes to get a feel of going around small bermed corners and with a couple of roll over jumps to help get an idea of what’s to come. this track is strictly for juniors on small bikes and off limits for thumpster riders.

Bull Ring Track – This is essentially a flat circle track with no berms of jumps for kids to use the very basics of the sport in an easy environment.